Top 3 Things to Consider When Building Your Coop

An Interview with Corey Stanton owner of Maplescapes Farms.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Corey Stanton, owner of Maplescapes Farm and builder of top quality chicken coops. He has been building coops for customers for a few years now and he has seen his fair share of coop designs. Based on a recent interview I had with Corey, we have compiled a list of the top three things to consider when you build your coop. 

Leave room to grow. 

Chickens are addictive! A person who thinks they may get 3-4 hens will likely end up with 10-12 birds within a few years. If you have to build a new coop every time you expand you will end up spending a lot of unnecessary time and money. Even more costly than that is if you try to house too many birds in a small coop. Corey said that most of the health and behavior problems he hears people having with their flocks are caused by overcrowding. 

Keep it Simple 

With the Covid 19 Pandemic lumber prices have hit an all time high, with 2x4s exceeding $10. Using a plan that keeps your build simple and designed to get maximum use out of your boards might save you hundreds of dollars. This means that coops should be built to sizes of standard board lengths. For example, making your coop 4ftx8ft means there will be little to no waste of lumber, compared to a 5ftx7ft coop that will require many cuts. Plan your design well in advance and consult a builder for maximum savings. 

Predator Proofing 

It’s said that a weasel can fit through a hole the size of a wedding ring. This means that you must take the time to seal every hole and opening to protect your flock. When Corey builds his coops, he even includes ½” High Quality Hardware Cloth for customers to bury in the ground to prevent animals from digging their way into runs and outdoor enclosures. It’s also important to consider flying predators like hawks and owl by securing your coop with a good roof or installing high quality poultry netting on the top as well. 


Remember the chicken owner community is huge. There are thousands of people ready to offer their expertise and assistance to anyone with questions. If you decide you want your coop built by an expert you can always reach Corey at (@MaplescapesFarm).